Apple strictly prohibits third-party apps from turning Dynamic Island into billboards

It was previously reported by the media that Apple would open the Dynamic Island API to third-party apps in iOS 16.1, and when it released a complete real-time event design guide, it outlined the specifications for developers to add real-time events to their apps.

It is reported that iOS 16.1 will be updated next month, when third-party applications will be fully launched on the island. According to the design guidelines, Apple provides three display styles for Dynamic Island, which are minimized, maximized and compact, which will be smart in the future. The most common way of showing the island.

It is worth noting that Apple has put forward a lot of requirements for the development of Dynamic Island, a very important point of which is that no advertisements or promotions can be displayed on Dynamic Island.

Otherwise, the Dynamic Island feature that Apple has vigorously developed may become a resident "billboard" for some rogue apps.

Author: King
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