Apple rumored to abandon microLED project

The tipster Mark Gurman revealed that Apple has terminated the microLED display project internally.

According to him, Apple invested billions of dollars to develop microLED technology, but this new display technology is too costly and complicated to manufacture, so Apple decided to abandon the project.

Currently, Apple is reorganizing its display engineering team and laying off employees in the U.S. and Asia. Some employees may be mobilized for positions, while those laid off will receive financial compensation.

microLED technology, also known as micron light-emitting diode, is a new type of technology that works by microminiaturizing a traditional LED structure to a size of 1 to 10 μm, then using mega-transfer technology to solidify it and transfer it to the substrate, and ultimately encapsulate it into a display.

Although microLED has advantages in brightness, resolution, contrast, energy consumption, service life, response speed and thermal stability, etc., it is currently facing many problems such as difficult mass production, high cost, industry chain support, which has led Apple to abandon the plan of independent research and development of microLED.

Author: King
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