Apple prototype car design revealed: looks like bread

According to foreign media reports, in early 2020, Apple executives took a special test drive in Arizona to experience a prototype car under development.

Initially planned this car in five years (2025), but earlier this year Apple announced that it had given up building cars.

The prototype was designed to be a far cry from a traditional car, featuring an all-glass roof, side sliding doors and white tires, and could comfortably seat four people, a design that Apple jokingly refers to internally as "a loaf of bread."

The interior is inspired by the plush interiors of private jets, with comfortable club seats, some of which can be adjusted to become recliners or folded up to serve as footrests.

Notably, the vehicle's interior eschews the traditional steering wheel and pedals design, replacing them with a console gamepad-like controller, along with L5-level autonomous driving capabilities.

In the Arizona desert, Apple CEO Tim Cook, COO Jeff Williams, and senior members of the design team sat together in a prototype to observe the vehicle's autonomous performance on a test track and expressed satisfaction with its performance.

It should be noted that the development team for Apple's car project has explored at least five different design directions over the past decade, racking up more than 1.6 million kilometers of self-driving tests, and this is just one of them.

Author: King
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