Apple Pay officially supports one-card transportation in Tibet

Today, Apple Pay officially added support for the "Tibet Transportation Card", which can be opened for free for a limited time within 12 months.

Similar to the process of opening transport cards in other regions, users only need to add "Tibet Transport Card" to their Apple wallet, and then complete card opening and recharge according to instructions.

To pay, users simply place the top of their iPhone, or the display of an Apple Watch, near the center of the scanner at the check-in gate. No verification is required.

In addition, with Apple Maps, users will be able to adjust their route plans directly on the phone, based on the cost and time information left on the card.

When the planned route cost exceeds the balance, the software will pop up a reminder to recharge, so as to avoid the insufficient cost affecting the travel plan.

It should be noted that the "Tibet One-card" is a standard one-card card issued according to the national one-card technical standards. Besides Tibet, it can also be used seamlessly in more than 300 cities with one-card connectivity across the country.

Author: King
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