Apple officially responds to iOS 15.4 system range rollover: a normal phenomenon

Recently, the Apple iOS 15.4 official version of the battery life rollover has caused a lot of consumer discussion and concern. A number of users said that their iPhones had serious battery life problems after upgrading to iOS 15.4, and even the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which has the largest battery capacity at this stage, could only last about half a day.

In response, Apple Support, Apple's official support account, made an official response on social media.

Officials said that within 48 hours after the installation of the new operating system, applications and some phone functions need to be adjusted, during this period there is a decline in battery life or phone heating are normal, do not need to worry.

Therefore, Apple officially recommends that users who encounter battery life problems continue to observe for a period of time, and then contact the official to deal with similar problems if they still exist.

It is worth mentioning that the evaluation of the new system by iPhone users is not consistent.

Although there are many users in social media and forums to feedback their iPhone in the upgrade after the battery life became very poor, but there are also users said that after the update system feel better than before.

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