Apple Music upgrades again: singers can personalize their homepage

Apple recently announced new features for the Apple Music music platform: artists and bands can now personalize their Apple Music profiles, including customized bios and the option to add things like their hometown, date of birth or year of formation, and even quickly add lyrics to an artist's songs on Apple Music.

Apple shared more details about the personalization options and other new features added to the Apple Music for Artists platform in an email announcement.

apple music upgrades again singers can personalize their homepage


The new Profile section lets singers customize their Apple Music profile to connect with fans in their own words. Singers can answer short questions and create custom biographies that will appear on their Apple Music profile.

Singers can also choose to add their hometown (or the birthplace of the band), date of birth (or the year the band was formed), and tag band members, collaborators, influences, and pronouns.


Singers can now add their lyrics to appear with their music in Apple Music, so fans can read the text behind the beat. Adding lyrics is as easy as copying and pasting.


New permissions in the Accounts section (formerly Admin) provide an easy way for artists to choose who has access to their profiles, allowing their team to act immediately to support upcoming releases and keep content fresh. Singers can also assign different roles to individuals on their team, designating administrators, analysts, and profile editors.


Singers can now chart their performance and monitor Apple Music plays, average daily listeners, iTunes song purchases, and Shazams data. Intelligent detection and detailed analysis help artists plan future song releases, tour dates, and other activities.

apple music upgrades again singers can personalize their homepage 1

Apple Music for Artists is available for every artist on Apple Music and provides statistics such as song or album plays, average daily listenership, iTunes Store sales, Shazam data and more.

Recently, Apple also announced that the Apple Music music platform has reached the 100 million song milestone. Apple says it is more important than ever to showcase artists' songs and provide them with the opportunity to tell their stories and storytell their music.

It's not enough to simply create a connection link for artists and fans; it's important to make those connections deeper and more meaningful. One of the many ways Apple is helping to provide context is through the new Apple Music Today series in which a new song is selected each day and the story behind it is explained.

Editor's Note: This new feature in Apple Music helps users understand the backstory of their favorite songs and also uses it to learn about the artists themselves that they follow.

These new features also better expand Apple Music as a music platform, so that it can be music, but not just music. I believe this update will attract many new users to use Apple Music.

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