Apple Mac Studio software restricts users from upgrading storage on their own

Recently, according to video blogger Luke Miani, he discovered that although the Mac Studio's SSD storage is not soldered to the motherboard, users are currently unable to upgrade the storage on their own due to software limitations.

Previous digital blogger Max Tech teardown showed that the Mac Studio's storage can be upgraded because it is not soldered to the board, is pluggable, and has two built-in SSD slots for hard drive replacement.

Miani tested whether Mac Studio's storage is user-upgradeable in his video by unplugging the SSD drive from one Mac Studio to wipe out the data and plugging it into the drive slot of another Mac Studio, only to find that the Mac's status light flashed SOS and would not boot.

This means that Mac Studio does recognize the SSD, but there are software limitations that prevent it from booting. There is also a hint on Apple's official website that Mac Studio's SSD cannot be upgraded by itself, and users are advised to choose the capacity they need when purchasing. Some netizens are straightforward: Apple's traditional arts and crafts are hard to eat.

Now it seems that the purpose of the replaceable SSD hard drive is to make the device easier to repair without having to replace the entire motherboard. They may have some internal tools that will allow the Mac Studio to boot properly after the hard drive is replaced.

Author: King
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