Apple M1 Ultra’s first benchmark test results reveal a 28-core Intel Mac Pro

At its "High Power Transmission" spring event on March 9 at 2 a.m. Beijing time, Apple introduced the M1 Ultra chip, which doubles the size of the M1 Max. And the first scores revealed by the Geekbench benchmarking database show that it is indeed outperforming the 28-core Intel Mac Pro high-end model by a wide margin.

The Mac Studio model in this test is the Mac13,2 (20-core CPU), with a single-core score of 1793 and a multi-core score of 24055.

For reference, the high-end Mac Pro with a 28-core Intel Xeon W processor scored only 1152 single-core / 19,951 multi-core.

In comparison, the M1 Ultra is 21 percent ahead of the 28-core Mac Pro in single-core performance and 56 percent ahead in multi-core performance -- close to the 60 percent figure announced at the launch event.

For more benchmarking and performance verification, please wait for the Mac Studio to go on sale after March 18.

Author: King
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