Apple increases the AppStore advertising space: the application page also has ads

Currently, there are ads on the "Search" tab and in the search results on the AppleStore; now Apple is going to add two new ad spaces on the AppStore.

The two new ad spaces will be on the AppStore's "Today" page and some of the app pages, respectively.

Apple says the pages with the ads will remain focused on their original role, and they'll use the same clear blue label as the search bar ads to indicate the ads.

However, for developers, both the "Today" page and the ads on the application details page have remarkable conversion efficiency.

"Today" as the first page users see when they open AppleStore, its advertising content can attract a large number of users to click, and in the details of the page directly put the application of advertising, but also can lead many users to try.

In addition, Apple also promised in the statement that although the number of AppleStore ads has been increased, the privacy promise is still valid, which means that developers can still only place content related to the approved AppStore products.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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