Apple has opened an official account for Douyin: Chinese users are encouraged to take photos with their iphones

Apple opened a new official account on its Douyin platform early Wednesday morning. Apple plans to make tiktok a creative playground where anyone can create.

Apple hopes to encourage more Local iPhone users in China to join in the creation and see the world from a unique perspective through the way of video shooting through the "# iPhone Shoot" campaign.

At present, there are many videos shot by different creators with iPhone in the video released by Apple. Among them, blogger Tee Ken shot a video with iPhone 13 Pro, mixing different colors to bring visual enjoyment to everyone.

Apple, which has traditionally maintained a low profile on social media, has opened accounts on multiple social media platforms in recent years.

Apple has been on Twitter since 2011, but it has barely posted anything and seems to be just a placeholder. In addition, Apple posted some Shot on iPhone ads on its Instagram account, which had a good effect.

In addition, Apple is choosy in the choice of official social media platforms, and will not release content too randomly. Now Apple has opened an official account in Douyin, which proves that Apple wants to use douyin as a big platform to get closer to users. The number of Tiktok fans has reached 8.7 million in less than half a day.

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