Apple announces rules for iOS sideloading feature: must be enabled in EU

According to media reports, the EU's Digital Marketplace Act clarifies the responsibilities of digital service providers, curbing the vicious competitive behavior of large online platforms and ensuring that consumers have more choices.

The most affected by the Digital Marketplace Act is Apple, which was forced to open up its closed ecosystem under the pressure of the Act.

The company is allowing iOS users in Europe to download apps from third-party stores starting in March 2024, not just limited to its own App Store.

Today, Apple mentioned in a report that users must be in the EU to enable the sideloading feature.

It was reported that for 30 days after leaving the EU, users can continue to use apps that have been downloaded from third-party app stores and can also update those apps through third-party app stores.

But after leaving the EU, users are not allowed to install third-party app stores or download new apps from third-party app stores.

Apple made it clear that in order to sideload, the user must be in the EU and the Apple ID must also be set to the EU, and the device will detect the geographic location of the user to decide whether to open the sideloading feature or not.

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