Apple Announces 13″ and 15″ MacBook Airs with M3 Processors

Apple has just updated its notebook lineup with the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air powered by the new M3 processor. the new chip offers better performance, faster connectivity, support for up to two external displays, and more.

Without much fanfare, Apple has unveiled an updated version of the MacBook Air on its official website. according to the company, the M3-chip-based MacBook Air delivers a 60 percent performance boost over the original M1-chip-based MacBook Air, while still being a thin and lightweight passively cooled laptop.

The M3 processor features eight CPU cores, up to 10 GPU cores, up to 24GB of unified memory, and a more efficient 16-core NPU for machine learning and artificial intelligence. the new MacBook Air also supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing and Apple's latest media engine with AV1 decoding. Here are the laptop's performance numbers:

  • Games like Borderlands run 60 percent faster than on a 13-inch MacBook Air with the M1 chip.
  • Enhancing images with AI using Photomator's Super Resolution feature is 40 percent faster than on the 13-inch MacBook Air with M1 chip, and up to 15 times faster for those who haven't yet upgraded to a Mac with an Apple chip.
  • Excel spreadsheets are 35 percent faster than on the 13-inch model with the M1 chip and three times faster for those who haven't upgraded to a Mac with the Apple chip.
  • Video editing in Final Cut Pro is up to 60 percent faster than in the 13-inch model with the M1 chip and up to 13 times faster for those who haven't upgraded to a Mac with the Apple chip.
  • MacBook Air delivers up to two times faster performance, 50 percent faster web browsing and 40 percent longer battery life than PC laptops with Intel Core i7 processors.

In addition to faster performance, the M3 processor adds support for Wi-Fi 6E and the ability to output images to two external displays. However, it's important to note: the two external displays can only be used with the laptop lid closed, so if you want to use a dual-monitor setup, say goodbye to the built-in Retina display.

Otherwise, MacBook Air with an M3 processor is identical to its predecessor. In addition to two display sizes, you can choose from four body colors: Midnight, Starlight, Space Gray, and Silver. Pre-orders are available now, with shipping this Friday, March 8th.

With the release of the M3 processor-powered MacBook Air, Apple has lowered the price of its previous generation.Now you can buy the previous generation for just $999 (for the 13-inch model).The M1 MacBook Air, which was originally based on the old design, has now been discontinued.

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