Android 15 developer preview goes live: support for satellite communications

According to media reports, Google released the first Android 15 Developer Preview last month, and today Google launched the second Developer Preview (referred to as Android 15 DP2).

One of the key new features of Android 15 DP2 is said to be the support for satellite communication features at the bottom of the system. Google said that the inclusion of satellite communication features in the bottom layer of the system ensures a consistent user experience.

Some netizens said that flagship cell phones without satellite communication capabilities in 2024 are not considered true flagships.

The current outdoor sports economy is booming, and the number of people who love mountaineering, hiking, off-roading, camping and other outdoor activities is increasing. For these groups, the satellite communication function is a practical highlight, because it can save lives at critical moments.

At present, some remote areas such as deep mountains, grasslands, deserts, snow, etc. still have communication dead zones, and the application of satellite communication technology greatly enhances the communication capability of smartphones, making our communication methods more reliable and extensive.

Author: King
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