Android 13 official release: some models are prohibited from downgrading back to Android 12

Without any teaser, Google delivered a surprise for Pixel users (Pixel 4, 4a, 5, 5a and 6 series, etc.) with the official push of the first stable version of Android 13.

Google promises that subsequently, third-party manufacturers including Samsung, Xiaomi, iQOO, Moto, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Vivo, Transn, Asus, Sharp, Nokia, Sony, etc. will also bring upgrade updates to their devices later this year.

About whether to upgrade, Pixel 6/Pixel6 Pro and Pixel 6a this time to pay special attention to the point is that, because of its equipped with self-research Tensor processor, the official version of Android 13 will be updated together with Bootloader piece, bring the result is that the subsequent can not be downgraded back to Android 12.

However, Pixel 6, which is participating in Android Beta project and using Android 13 beta version, will not be affected, and it will be able to return to Android 12 by mainly exiting Beta.

About the main points of Android 13, we have previously done an in-depth introduction of fast technology, simply put its main upgrade points include privacy and security and significantly optimize the smoothness of large screen, folding screen and small memory phones.

New features include Material You's beautified theme and UI, allowing each application to set a separate preferred language, game mode, native full support for Bluetooth 5 low-power audio transmission all features, space audio, lock screen quick scan QR code, etc.

Author: King
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