AMD Ryzen 7000 is coming: there is a dull plug octopus design

The new AMD Ryzen 7000 processor will not only upgrade the 5nm Zen4 architecture, but also upgrade the entire platform to AM5. Not only does it support DDR5 and PCIe 5.0, but it does away with the socket slot entirely in favor of an LGA design. The advantage of this is that the CPU is no longer afraid of being yanked when removing the radiator.

AMD has recently released high resolution photos of the AM5 socket for the Ryzen 7000. You can see that the socket has changed a lot. The top cover of the Ryzen 7000 processor has an octopus design, and the socket has been changed from the AM4 era pin type (PGA pin type) to the LGA1718 contact type, which is very similar to Intel's current processors.

The installation process is also very simple. the CPU has a dummy-proof design and can be pressed and snapped into place. This pressure is higher than the previous PGA pins and the CPU is more stable.

Since the pins of the Ryzen 7000 generation are transferred to the slots, there are no more pins on the CPU. Not only are the pins usually not afraid to bend, but you don't have to worry about pulling the heatsink out of the CPU when you change the heatsink or reapply the silicone grease, such as the following.

This kind of thing may be one of the troubles of many AMD users before. If it is pulled out vertically, the pins are usually not a problem, otherwise it will cause some accidental damage.

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