AMD hires Linux software engineers to improve open source graphical driver installation experience

AMD, which has long been committed to rapidly updating open source graphics drivers, has long been a favorite of the Linux community. But for customers who prefer to use older versions of software packages for the life of their support, or who want to run a vetted enterprise Linux distribution, getting a suitable Linux driver stack can be a bit of a pain.


The good news is that AMD has recognized the need and is looking for a "Linux Build Engineer."

According to the job description listed this week, AMD is looking for an open source Linux GPU driver with extensive experience.

Especially proficient in multiple Linux distributions and package managers such as RPM, DPKG, APT, yum, DNF, Zypper, etc.

Current and future AMD GPU open Source Linux drivers will benefit from this by enhancing their build, packaging, and deployment capabilities.

Given that AMD currently only offers "Radeon Software for Linux" drivers for a small number of Linux distributions, the job Posting certainly bodes well for a start.

Phoronix points out that, with the exception of a few platforms that support the ROCm open source computing stack, packaging unsupported Linux distributions has been a daunting task until now.

With the exception of Fedora and Debian making some progress, progress elsewhere is negligible.

Author: King
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