AMD AI PC Innovation Summit is coming to China!

AMD officially announced that it will hold an event called "AMD AI PC Innovation Summit" on March 21, 2024 in Beijing.

At that time, AMD Chairman and CEO Dr. Su Zifeng and many AMD executives, together with heavyweight guests from the industrial chain, will attend the event to show the powerful strength of AMD AI technology.

Fast Technology will also be the first time to bring you first-hand reports on this summit.

Starting in 2023, generative AI is in full rise, and AI development has entered a brand new stage, not only making breakthroughs in various fields such as science and technology, economy, and culture, but also playing an increasingly important role in people's daily life.

At the beginning of 2023, AMD released the RuiLong 7040 series of notebook processors to take the lead in integrating the NPU AI hardware unit, creating a new Ryzen AI engine, and ecological support is gradually spreading, and there is in-depth cooperation with Microsoft, Adobe, ByteDance, AiQiYi and other giants.

At the end of 2023, AMD launched another new generation of Rexon 8040 series, with a significant 60% increase in NPU AI arithmetic.

Moving into 2024, the RuiLong 8000G series of APUs is again the first desktop-class processor with an AI engine.

Later this year, AMD will also launch the next generation, codenamed Strix Point, with a new generation of NPUs upgraded with the XDNA 2 architecture, with a more than 3x jump in AI performance.

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