ADATA Shows New Concept Gaming Mouse: Built-in 1TB SSD Hard Drive

2022 CES is around the corner, many manufacturers have recently released a variety of new generation of electronic products, ADATA in addition to a new generation of DDR5, PCIe 5.0 hard drive, but also released a new concept of gaming mouse XPG Vault, built-in 1TB SSD hard drive, enough to install the player's favorite games.

XPG Vault mouse appearance looks no different from ordinary gaming mouse, using USBC interface, support RGB faith light, but it has a big inside, stuffed with 1TB capacity of flash memory, and speed up to 985MB / s, performance is not inferior to the SSD hard disk - essentially SD Express interface Expansion card, support PCIe 3.0.

With 1TB hard drive, XPG Vault also supports Gaming Launcher software, the two together can turn the mouse into a mobile game library, 1TB capacity can store many game masterpiece, 985MB / s speed for the game read and write is not a big problem, but there is no actual experience.

XPG Vault is not the first built-in storage game mouse, can be more than 20 years ago Sony has come out with similar products, but then the built-in is Sony memory stick, capacity of only 8 to 16MB, interface rate is only 1.5MB / s, there is little sense.

Author: King
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