A preview of new features for the Edge browser

The Latest update to the Microsoft Edge browser in the Canary Channel brings some new features.

Most notably, the new Edge browser finally supports double-clicking to close tabs, a long-awaited feature that has been a standard feature on domestic browsers and one that has been missing from Edge for years.

The Canary channel is understood to be the most original development release, prior to Dev, Beta, and stable. The Canary Version of the Edge browser is unstable and error-prone, but you can still experience the latest features.

Microsoft has been making improvements to the Edge browser's tabs to make them easier to use and manage. In the latest Version of Canary Edge, users can use gestures to control tabs, and double-click to close tabs can be found in accessibility menus.

Once set, users can experience the feature of double-clicking to close tabs. Meanwhile, the current close TAB shortcut "Ctrl+W" is still available. If you want to close tabs quickly, you can also click the middle mouse button over tabs to do so.

However, there is no confirmation that the double click TAB closing feature will be included in the official release. Features that appear on Canary can suddenly disappear or be delayed without warning.

For example, last year's Canary version of the Edge browser had a Workspaces feature that could be used to manage tabs, but that feature has since disappeared, with no news of its return.

Simply put, the Canary version is in development, with fixes and features updated almost daily, and is not guaranteed to be stable.

The Edge browser will also have other new features. Microsoft is understood to be experimenting with a feature that hides the "forward" button to reduce clutter in the address bar. The position of the refresh and home buttons also changes when the Edge browser automatically hides the forward button.

Currently, this feature cannot be turned off with the Settings panel option, but it can be disabled with the following command code:


In addition, the Edge browser will bring more UI effects adapted to Win11, such as the Mica theme being popularized in more areas. Mica effects can now be seen in title bars, TAB bars, and even bookmarks/favorites, as shown in the screenshot.

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