A Plus user in India’s Nord 2 caught fire during a call, but fortunately no one was injured

Recently there have been several incidents of the OnePlus Nord 2 catching fire and even causing serious burns to the victims. After an investigation, OnePlus officials said that these incidents were due to damage caused by customers through external forces. Now, there has been another incident of the OnePlus Nord 2 catching fire while the user was on the phone.

Twitter user @lakshayvrm tweeted last week that his brother's OnePlus Nord 2 caught fire while he was holding the call. Lakshay Verma added that he and the victim went to the service center at CP in New Delhi to seek a solution and were asked to wait for 2-3 days, only to be told that the Nord 2 was burnt and that there was nothing that OnePlus could do about it.

The Twitter user attached a picture of the burnt OnePlus Nord 2, showing the phone completely damaged beyond repair. The screen was shattered and the bezel was detached from the rear panel. The explosion appears to have occurred near the left edge of the phone, which is where the phone caught fire in earlier cases.

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