A new phone built by the former OnePlus co-founder was revealed

In 2020, Co-founder Carl Pei left OnePlus to start his own company, Nothing. The youngest mobile player is about to release its first new Phone, called Nothing Phone 1.

The Nothing Phone 1 features a hole-out screen in the middle, a transparent body on the back, and a two-camera layout reminiscent of the Mi 8 Transparent Explorer.

The Mi 8 Transparent Explorer is the phone xiaomi unveiled at the Universiade Center in Shenzhen on May 31, 2018. It has a transparent back shell and a "decorative" motherboard. The entire "decorative motherboard" is made of an all-copper substrate, reinforced with steel plates, and is highly recognizable.

The upcoming Nothing Phone 1 also features a transparent design powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 5G chip.

Carl Pei said the Nothing Phone 1 will be an alternative to Apple's iPhone, with Nothing OS, a stripped-down version of Android customized by Nothing, retaining the best features of Google's Android, providing a smooth experience and a personalized visual interface.

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