6.2GHz i9-14900KS price set! 200MHz faster and 44% more expensive!

Intel has scheduled the official release of its flagship limited edition i9-14900KS on March 14 (US time), with the frequency rushing to 6.2GHz for the first time.

But at a steep price, both in terms of power consumption and price.

Information revealed by MicroCenter, a major U.S. retailer, indicates that the i9-14900KS will be priced at $749, which is a full 44% more expensive than the i9-14900K in the same store, but only 200 MHz higher in frequency.

The price given by an authoritative retailer like MicroCenter may not necessarily be the final official price, but it's getting to the point where it shouldn't be too far off, especially since it's been on the shelves and then withdrawn soon after.

Historically, the i9-12900KS was officially priced at $739, the i9-13900KS dropped to $699, so it looks like the i9-14900KS is going back up again.

But the domestic situation is different, i9-12900KS 5699 yuan, i9-13900KS instead rose to 5999 yuan, i9-14900KS this is to break the rhythm of 6000 yuan.

According to the leaked data, the voltage of i9-14900KS was added to nearly 1.5V, the highest power consumption in the test reached 432W, while the temperature had 89℃.

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