What is the use of computer Delivery optimization (turn off pass optimization on the computer has an impact)

Many users do not know what is the use of computer delivery optimization? So can pass optimization be turned off? What is the impact of closing it on the computer? Today we have these questions to do some introduction and analysis one by one, I hope it will be helpful to you.

What is Delivery Optimization

Delivery optimization is what allows you to download updates and software from other people's computers. This feature is a lot like Xunlei's do kind, where you download a movie and then other people can go p2p from your computer if they want to download the same movie. Microsoft does this to save server pressure.

"Delivery Optimization" works in two ways:

  1. Download updates and applications from other computers
  2. Sending updates and applications to other computers

If you are concerned about the resulting network being bogged down, then you can choose to turn off delivery optimization.

How to turn off Delivery optimization

This feature will take up your usual network bandwidth and hard disk space, when your network bandwidth is small or hard disk space available is not enough, the computer will have obvious lag, here it is recommended to turn this feature off directly.

First open Settings via the shortcut key combination win+i, select and click on "Windows Update "

As shown above, select and click on "Delivery Optimization" in the left menu bar, and then turn it off as shown by the arrow.

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