Teach you a few solutions : easy to deal with computer blue screen

Computer blue screen believe that the screen as long as the friends who have used the computer almost without exception have encountered, although the phenomenon of blue screen is relatively common, but the causes of the blue screen is a large difference.

This is like the same sickness, but the sick parts are not the same, the computer blue screen is the same, the same blue screen but the causes of the blue screen and the solution is completely different.

How to determine the cause of the computer blue screen? It's actually very simple, you just need to remember a few common blue screen codes and instantly find out the cause and the corresponding solution.


If you see the blue screen code "MACHINE-CHECK-EXCEPTION", it means that the cause of the blue screen is the overclocking of the CPU.

The solution is also very simple, start the automatic repair function, fix the system error and then lower the CPU back to the factory frequency. Do not run overclocked again, it is best not to use software with too much capacity or those testing CPU overclocking and so on.

Blue screen code: 0x0000007E, Ox0000008E

If the blue screen code is "0x0000007E, Ox0000008E", it means that your computer may have been hit by a virus, or the memory is damaged or has bad contacts.

Encounter this blue screen problem in the boot press and hold F8 to enter safe mode, the system to kill the virus, while you can try to re-plug the memory, according to the author's experience, the probability of this group of code blue screen problem memory damage is not large.

Blue screen code: Ox000000D1

If the blue screen code "Ox000000D1", means that the cause is generally related to the graphics card, the probability is that the graphics card is damaged or installed a less compatible graphics card driver caused by.

The solution to this type of problem is to download a graphics card driver to the official website and try, if it still does not work, if the host has an integrated graphics card can use the integrated graphics card to try, or directly unplug the graphics card.

Blue screen code: Ox00000OED

If the blue screen code appears "Ox00000OED", it means that the cause of the blue screen is mainly related to the hard disk and the system. The probability of system damage is relatively high, while the probability of hard disk damage is relatively small, there may be a problem with the volume.

The solution to this problem can be solved by reinstalling the system or replacing the hard drive basically.

Blue Screen Code: 0x0000001A

The cause of this blue screen code is most likely caused by the heat of the miscellaneous memory sticks, and this blue screen problem will be relatively troublesome to solve.

First of all, to rule out hardware failure as well as memory failure, first from the memory stick, and then ensure that the memory is not damaged, the memory stick will be unplugged and wiped down, and then re-inserted in the probability can be solved.

If the computer is using two RAMs, try unplugging one of them. If you haven't solved the blue screen problem, check to see if the hard drive is faulty, check to see if there is a problem with the data, and then try formatting the hard drive.

Blue screen code: Ox0000000A

Appear "Ox0000000A" blue screen code, the probability is that the computer driver conflicts, graphics cards and chipset problems are more.

The solution to the problem is to enter safe mode and remove the most recent updates and installation of the graphics card and motherboard drivers. The specific operation is to return to the computer's desktop interface, click on the desktop computer icon, select the Management option in the slide menu.

Open the computer management interface, click once on the Event Viewer - Summary of Management Events in the left window to determine which driver is the one with the error, and manually uninstall the driver after determining the one that is malfunctioning.

If it is a computer compatibility problem, you can use the system diagnostic tool for testing to see if there are compatibility problems with the hardware and drivers.

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