SSDs meet three requirements to be worth buying

As technology advances and prices become more popular, SSDs have long been less of a high-flying piece of enthusiast hardware, and the current price of a 240G solid state has dropped to around a hundred dollars, making many players excited. However, as with other hardware choices, SSDs should not be cheap, and performance-oriented gamers should still pay attention to a few points.

Read and write speed is critical

Since the pursuit of SSD, is to choose high-speed products, those 500MB / s SSD although cheap, but the speed is also a bottleneck, if you consider a step to avoid frequent replacement in the future, then you choose the NVMe protocol of solid state is obviously more appropriate.

Most of the cheap SSDs on the market today use the SATA 3.0 channel, which has a transfer bandwidth of 6Gbps and an actual speed of about 560MB/s, while the PCI-E channel (NVMe protocol) can reach a speed of 32Gbps and an actual speed of over 3000MB/s. The pursuit of higher speeds naturally requires the first choice of NVMe protocol solid state.

Original pellets quality assurance

We all know that SSDs use flash memory particles as storage media, and currently SLC and MLC products are not only rare and expensive, most consumer products use TLC and QLC particles, so there is no need to obsess about MLC, unless you are very rich.

But it does not mean that the particles do not need to see, here you need to pay attention to the preferred original particles, including Samsung, Intel, Micron, Toshiba (Armored Man), SanDisk, CK storage and so on.

Other SSDs that do not indicate the source of the particles, or do not indicate the original particles are likely to use recycled particles, life and stability is not guaranteed, do not get.

Core master control cannot be ignored

SSDs also have a master controller that plays the role of the CPU, and its role is also very important. The main role of the SSD master controller chip is to reasonably allocate the data load on the various flash memory chips, and is also responsible for the completion of various instructions within the SSD, such as trim, CG recycling, and wear and tear equalization.

At present, the technical threshold of the main control chip is high, do the main control chip brand less, in the choice of SSD should also give preference to products equipped with high-quality main control, including Samsung, Marvell, Huirong, Qunlian, etc..

If even the main control is not mentioned, or even polished off, it means that the quality of the SSD is really not good.

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