Science: What is the difference between inserting 2 and 4 in the memory

Currently most ATX motherboards have 4 memory slots, some partners like to insert 2 roots to form a dual-channel, while others like to insert 4 roots full of configuration pull full.

So how much difference is there between inserting 2 sticks of memory and inserting 4 sticks? ShadowChip today for science:

science what is the difference between inserting 2 and 4 in the memory

DDR4-3600 8Gx2 (insert 2) and DDR4-3600 8Gx4 (insert full 4) for example, although most motherboards have four memory slots, but usually dual-channel design, insert 2 memory and insert 4 with the memory read and write speed difference is not much, currently playing PC games mainstream 8Gx2 memory can meet, insert full will be obvious performance overload.

However, if used in the field of design rendering, video editing and other content creation, the large capacity brought about by the memory inserted full can speed up the processing of large files to significantly improve efficiency, for such users more is better.

Memory inserted full 4 notes:


The motherboard and CPU directly determine the upper limit of memory play, memory inserted full first of all to consider the motherboard, CPU support, if the memory open XMP a key overclock, even the motherboard Bios self-test can not pass, the probability is not compatible with such models of memory, the need to replace the memory or motherboard, or memory capacity, overclocking frequency exceeds the upper limit of support, the need to upgrade the motherboard and CPU.

2, Overclocking requirements

Memory inserted full recommended that priority be given to 4 or 2 sets of strips, 4 or 2 sets of strips after the manufacturer's tuning to turn on the XMP option or manual overclocking more stable; followed by the same type of single memory with the same frequency, timing and capacity, with the composition of 4 inserted full slots.

As the memory inserted full requires a greater power supply demand, which is not conducive to manual overclocking, if you want to manually overclock the recommended or insert two large capacity memory, overclocking will be more stable.

3、Cost/use requirements

With the same frequency and total capacity, 4 sticks are usually more expensive compared to 2 sticks, and if you want to get more capacity memory, you need to replace it all.

Of course, the above is only for ATX motherboards, ITX type motherboards because of the specification limitations, only 2 memory slots, almost no remaining tossing space, so you can insert as full as possible to insert full.

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