New design of UI! Win11 new task manager first look

We know that Microsoft is coming out with its annual Windows 11 22H2 update later this year, and the new Task Manager is one of the major updates.

Win11 new task manager will bring WinUI, Fluent Design and Mica special effects interface, visual effects take on a new look.

It is understood that the new task manager does not refactor the existing version, but redesign the interface.

For example, the UI layout of the task Manager's home page has changed, and the tabs that usually sit at the top of the application (i.e., processes, Performance, Networking) have been moved aside as Microsoft looks to make the task Manager more tablet-friendly and "modern."

Media Windows Lastest brings some hands-on experience with the new task manager. Take a look.

As shown in the screenshot, the task Manager window uses a translucent Mica material. Mica is a new design material promoted by Microsoft that aims to harmonize the background colors of an application window or title bar with the desktop background to produce beautiful "color hierarchies."

However, the Task Manager Mica material is not a true transparency effect, and if the Task Manager is opened on top of another application (such as drawing), Windows 11 will still apply the theme color of the desktop background to the Task Manager title bar, which does not reveal the application window below.

Microsoft officials say the benefit of this design is no performance loss. Microsoft says performance is a top priority for Windows 11 task manager, so it needs to "make sure all these new features (Mica and rounded corners) are super fast."

In addition to the new TAB layout and design, Microsoft has moved common actions like creating new tasks and ending tasks to the top. The content of these common actions changes as you switch between tabs in the task manager.

Overall, the design of the new task manager is similar to the current layout, but with the addition of WinUI visual effects, the support for dark modes and the popularity of rounded corners, the task manager is more in line with Microsoft's vision of a modern and visually appealing interface.

The new version of task Manager also includes some new features, such as efficiency mode, which is a new way to ensure that users can control certain processes. Using efficiency patterns, you can reduce CPU stress by minimizing the use of system resources based on the process for faster foreground response and better energy efficiency.

The efficiency pattern of the task manager uses EcoQoS and process priority reduction to limit process resource usage. When the priority of a process is reduced, applications that depend on that process do not simply end. Instead, it stays in the background and allows other important applications/processes to run efficiently on the CPU.

It is understood that Win11 22H2 will launch a new version of the task manager for users in October.

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