More new features and changes for macOS Ventura

After WWDC 2022, Apple has released the first Developer beta of the macOS Ventura. In addition to the main features introduced at the event, the Ventura also includes a number of small features and changes.

Gamepad menu

In system Settings, a gamepad feature is added to manage gamepads connected to the Mac. Ventura users can map gamepads' buttons and joysticks onto the Mac keyboard, adjust the force feedback register, and create preset plans for multiple gamepads.


The macOS Ventura preloaded a lot of background sound. Playing background sound can eliminate unnecessary ambient noise, minimize interference, and make users more focused, calm or well-rested. The feature first appeared on iOS 15 last year and is available on macOS Ventura this year.

Share menu Popover bubble Popover

In the first beta version of macOS Ventura, the share feature is no longer a menu-style feature, but a bubble popup

Focused search improvement

In The macOS Ventura, Apple integrated the quick View feature into focused search, allowing you to quickly view files in search results without opening them. New features include the ability to display rich text Web search results and get photo results from photo libraries.

Mail rich text links

In macOS Monterey, when you write a message and insert a web link, only the content of the link is displayed. In macOS Ventura, when you plug in a network connection, you can display rich text with preview images and titles of web pages.

Multi-desktop scheduling is supported

One of the main features of macOS Ventura is the Stage Manger, which can be used to solve problems such as desktop clutter and difficult management when multiple applications and Windows are open at the same time. The desktop scheduling function can place all open applications on the left of the desktop and display the recently opened applications in the center of the desktop. The desktop scheduling function supports multiple desktops. If multiple desktops are created, you can run the desktop scheduling application on these desktops simultaneously.

QuickTime player supports continuous camera intercommunication

Continuous camera communication Mac users can use their iphones as the front-facing cameras to perform the camera functions in applications such as FaceTime and Zoom. Continuous camera intercommunication actually also supports QuickTime player, which allows users to record movies and control recording Settings.

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