How to solve the problem of “WiFi disconnection on boot” after updating Windows 11

Recently I took advantage of the release of Win11 to try the system, from Win10 directly upgrade the installation to Win11 official version, the overall experience is very good, only encountered a small problem, every time after the boot, WiFi will be disconnected within a few minutes, and then the icon in the lower right corner into a small earth, need to wait a long time or manually click to reconnect, began to think that the problem of WiFi driver updates, after changing a few drivers, the problem is the same, after the Internet to find the solution to the problem, but please note that I am a professional version:

Head to Start, Settings, Network & Internet.

On Windows 11, click Advanced network settings.

Scroll down on the right side and click on Network reset.

Now the problem is perfectly solved.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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