Home upgrade gigabit network: three things must be upgraded

Most of the current home broadband access has reached the level of 2000M or even 3000M, many users have also handled the gigabit broadband.

But after the operator to upgrade their own broadband, many users found that their broadband did not speed up much, or even the original 500M or so, making people very unhappy.

In fact, the upgrade of home broadband requires more than the operator to speed up the user, but also requires the user's home network equipment to match the gigabit broadband. If your home, upgrade the gigabit broadband but not reach full speed, may be from the following three devices to check the problem.

ONU (Optical Network Unit)

To meet the gigabit broadband, we must first find the reason from the home network entrance. And the operator to install broadband when the gift of light cat, it becomes the primary object of investigation.

The network port of the optical cat, at least to meet is a gigabit network port. The specific network port standard, you can check the system background from the optical cat, showing 1000M, although it can not run full gigabit broadband, but at least about 900M, close to the limit of the gigabit network port.


Solve the problem of optical cats, but also to see whether their wireless router can meet the requirements. Users in the purchase of wireless routers, the best choice of gigabit network port products, or even the best choice of 2.5Gbps network port wireless router.

In this way, the same, the standard of the network port can match or even exceed the rate of gigabit broadband, in order to be able to play the maximum network speed of gigabit broadband.

Network cable

If the above two types of equipment have met the standard, but the network speed is still slow, not up to the level of gigabit broadband, then the user needs to check the level of the home network cable, which is not easy for most users to detect the problem.

Because the network cable looks similar, many users of the network cable for many years, or even at first is a random rip on the use. Even, some users buried in the walls of the home network cable in the renovation was reduced, such as super Category 5 line into a Category 5 line.

Therefore, users need to purchase at least Super Category 5 level or above this level of network cable to meet the Gigabit broadband extremely fast transmission.

Upgraded the above three hardware devices, smooth gigabit broadband and you experience!

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