Do not meet the requirements of Win11 device upgrade will be watermarked break method is here

Win11 system compared to previous systems such as Win10 raised the hardware threshold, including the minimum compatible CPU and TPM certification, but many people still bypassed these restrictions to upgrade Win11, and now Microsoft has also made a move to deal with these non-compliant devices, will be forced to hit the watermark on the desktop.

As previously reported, if your device does not meet the upgrade conditions, but has been upgraded to Windows 11, then you will soon notice a new watermark on the desktop. This watermark appears above the taskbar clock and is similar to the "Windows is not active" alert, but it does not affect applications, windows, or web browsers.

In addition to the desktop, there will also be a prompt in Settings that does not meet the needs of Win11. Microsoft's watermark and the prompt do not affect the experience, but just make the user feel psychologically uncomfortable.

The solution to this problem is not absent, in fact, a similar situation has existed before. Cracking Microsoft's mandatory watermark can be achieved by modifying the registry, as follows:

# Right click on the start menu and select Run or use the shortcut key Win+R to open Run

regedit #Type to open the registry

#Go to the following registry path

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\

# Check if the following entries are in that path


# If there is no such item, please right-click on the Control Panel folder and select New Item and rename it


#then open the DWORD 32-bit value

SV2 # change its key value from 1 to 0 to save it

#If there is no SV2 value, you can create a new DWORD32-bit value and rename it SV2

0 #Disable desktop watermark

1 #Enable desktop watermarking

#Close the registry and restart Explorer after the operation is complete, no need to restart the system

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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