DDR4 or DDR5 memory? The article tells you the answer

The core 12 release also brought the appearance of DDR5 memory, and every time the memory upgrade, there will be a question: should I choose the new memory with higher algebra, more powerful memory, or the cheaper old memory?

This episode of DIY from the beginning to give up to talk about 4 generation memory and 5 generation memory how to choose.

First of all, it should be noted that the vast majority of the current motherboards only have a memory slot, either DDR4, or DDR5, a very few mixed slot motherboards can not use DDR4 and DDR5 at the same time, or even do not support dual channels, so unless special needs are not recommended to choose.

In fact, after about half a year of development, the price of DDR5 memory has been relatively close to the people, compared to the early DDR5 at 1000 yuan, the current single 16G memory has been reduced to 700 yuan, and the same capacity OF DR4 memory price is about 400 yuan, the gap has narrowed a big cut.

DDR5 memory is an obvious performance improvement is the main frequency, DDR4 desktop memory at 2133MHz start, and to DDR5 here, 4800MHz start than DDR4 more than double, also gives the machine platform to bring a stronger performance basis.

To be specific, memory delay = time sequence (CL x 2000)/memory frequency, that is to say, the lower the time sequence of memory at the same frequency, the better.

Timing is a set of four digits that refer to the time of different work areas in memory. Timing and frequency of memory determine the delay. For DDR5 memory, the timing is generally up to 40, while for DDR4 memory, the timing is usually below 20. That is to say, although the frequency of DDR5 memory increases dramatically, the higher timing does not result in a significant delay advantage.

One advantage of DDR5 over DDR4 memory is that ITS DRAM provides 8 bits of ECC storage space for every 128 bits of data, giving on-die ECC a powerful RAS capability that can protect the memory array from single bit errors, though it may not make much sense to most players.

Another factor that should be considered is that the current DDR4 memory 8G is still the mainstream, the cost of the double channel set can be controlled within 500 yuan, 16G memory can also meet the needs of most use scenarios; DDR5 memory for more than 16G start, the cost of the group of dual channels will soar to more than 1500 yuan, to the budget pressure is much greater, but the benefits are not obvious.

So the conclusion is that if you do not consider the future compatibility, it is obviously more cost-effective to directly choose low-priced DDR4 memory with D4 motherboard, because DDR5 cannot make the experience qualitative improvement, the current price is still high, and if you want to achieve the goal in one step, want to pursue more intense performance experience, Go straight to the D5 motherboard with dual 16GB DDR5 memory is your dish.

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