Browser instantly turns into photo album How to turn on Chrome’s hidden new feature

Chrome has always been known for its power, and recently, Chrome has added a new feature! According to foreign media reports, Chrome has quietly added a feature that allows the browser to be transformed into a photo album, how exactly,. How to open it? Let's take a look.

First of all, it should be clear that this feature is not in the official version of Chrome, we need to download Chrome Beta to experience this feature.

Chrome Beta does not have this feature turned on by default either, we need to make changes to some hidden options. Type the following characters into the address bar.


Press the Enter key to enter Chrome's experimental feature control screen.

Next, look for "NTP Photos Module" in the search box, find the corresponding option, and then enable it.

Restart Chrome afterwards and the new feature takes effect!

This is a new feature related to Google Photo Gallery. With this option turned on, sign in to your Google account in Chrome and a new tab will show your images stored in the Google Photos cloud service, just like a wall of photos.

Google named it "See Memories". If you usually have the habit of backing up photos with Google Photos, then it's still quite warm when rotating some past photos.

Of course, some of you will store photos in Google Photos that are not suitable for public display, and it would be rather embarrassing if your Chrome would be seen by others.

Chrome provides a setting to turn off this option, set the style of this photo display area in the top right three dots, and there is a switch to turn off the display.

Of course, because these images from Google Photos cloud storage, so the domestic users are basically very difficult to use, after all, the connection of Google services ...... you know.

But if you are indeed a user of Google Photos, you may want to try this feature, perhaps will bring you a different and novel experience.

Author: King
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