Will Steam Deck update replace machine life with silence value?

Valve has released a new update to its Steam Deck console. The SteamOS 3.2 update brings a lot of changes to the operating system and hardware itself, including the ability to enable remote playmates, adjust some visuals and UI elements, modify the screen refresh rate, and adjust fan noise. This last change, however, has made many gamers anxious.

In fact, that's what's been controversial about Steam Deck for a long time. To make sure the console doesn't go up in flames, the fans are always on. The problem is that the fan is so loud that it annoys many players.

The noise problem has also led iFixit to sniff a business opportunity and start selling new fan kits that, if you're in the DIY spirit, can be replaced manually for a quiet side. But there are still plenty of players who don't want to disarm, and that's where SteamOS 3.2 comes in. You can manually turn down the fan speed to make it quieter.

But a moment's thought reveals the cost. According to PC Gamer's tests, the machine in their hands is 10 ° C warmer than it was a week ago, which means it's a choice between a quiet fan and a long life.

It is said that the life of a capacitor will be halved if the temperature exceeds 10℃. There is still an ongoing debate in the gamer community about whether to reduce noise or to keep it warm, as noise also affects the human body. It's really a headache, and the solution we recommend is to take a painkiller and get rid of the headache...

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