Valve officially launches Steam Deck

Valve is pleased to announce the official launch of Steam Deck. Starting today, Valve will email the first pre-orders in the order they are received, and will ship them as soon as the final payment is made. The Steam Deck gives them that option," said Gabe Newell.

Product specifications, Steam Deck handheld with a 7-inch screen, resolution of 1280 × 800, support 60Hz refresh rate, typical brightness 700nit, support touch, the machine size 298 × 117 × 49mm, weighing about 669g. core performance, Steam Deck equipped with AMD Zen2 CPU, RDNA2 GPU architecture combination, the chip paper performance is roughly equivalent to the sharp dragon 3 Pro 4450U + MX450, can smoothly run the latest 3A Games.

Author: King
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