The 1994 Nintendo SFC game surprisingly there are new secrets were found

"Super Punch-out" is a boxing game released in 1994 on the SFC platform. This work developed by Nintendo has been discovered by players today (August 9), almost 30 years after its launch, with a brand new secret book.

Twitter user Unlisted Cheats announced the latest two secrets of "Super Punch-out": the first is the game's free-for-all mode. Hold down the Y+R button on the 2P handle under the game's title screen, and then press the A or Start button on the 1P handle to enter the free-for-all mode where you can choose any character.

The second is to join the 2P player operation match mode: when the character information display screen in the free match mode, press and hold the B+Y button of the 2P handle, and then press the A or Start button of the 1P handle, you can enter the two-player match mode.

Although the game has been on the market for almost 30 years, now nearly nothing to play "Super Punch-out", but still to lament Nintendo secrecy work is too good, decades also do not disclose these secret.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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