Steam Deck is no longer the champion! Steam released the latest sales list

Today, Steam released its weekly sales chart, and its console Steam Deck, which has been on the charts for five weeks, lost its top spot to V Rising, which was released less than a week ago.

Top of the list this week is V Rising, a skydiving RPG released on The 17th, in which players take on the role of a vampire who has slept for centuries, escaping the sun and rebuilding his empire.

The game had more than 500,000 players in its first three days of release, and is still steady at more than 100,000 simultaneous players online.

Steam Deck suffered a bit this week, falling to second place, followed by Armed Assault Reforger, the latest installment in the classic modern military sim series, which has garnered a lot of support but has only a 62% positive rating so far, giving it little hope of making the list next week.

Elden Circle's growth slowed further, and it was in fourth place this week, hitting its short-term audience limit and struggling to attract more users without introducing new content.

Fifth place this week is V Rising's Founder pack version, and sixth place is V's VR kit.

At no. 7, The Forest is still on the list thanks to its new work's publicity; FIFA 22 ranked eighth with a new record low discount of -94%.

Titanfall 2 is also at number 9 on the list at a discount, while Old World was released on Steam last week, gaining some support from strategy game fans.

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