SONY’s new patent suggests the PS5 may support PS3 generation peripheral compatibility

A new patent suggests SONY may be trying to make older hardware, such as peripherals or handheld devices, compatible with modern PS consoles. The patent appears to cover old SONY hardware, such as old media remote controls, DualShock controllers, and possibly even the PSP Go handheld, which is used on the PS5 through emulation.

The patent screenshot depicts an older DualShock, SONY media remote control, PS mouse, EyeToy, PS Move controller and a memory card.

SONY has long since abandoned most of its technology, but the closest thing to modern is the PS Move controller, which is still used to control the first GENERATION of PS VR.

What makes the patent even more interesting is that the peripherals appear to be primarily from the PS3 era, which could indicate that this is part of a recently reported SONY project to simulate the system. PS3 games have recently been added as a new feature for new PS Plus subscription members, but only for cloud play.

While it's conceivable that SONY is exploring how to make the old technology work through simulation, none of the devices other than the PS Move are officially available now.

Author: King
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