R Star former employees said “GTA6” screen is very realistic light and shadow effects more realistic

Previously, T2 president Strauss Zelnick claimed that "GTA6" is well developed and will become a new benchmark in the gaming industry. Tez2, a well-known tipster, recently shared a former R-Star developer's claim that R-Star is working hard to achieve "realistic" effects in GTA6. is the only hint he could give."

GTA5 on PS5 and XSX already uses the latest R-Star engine, and Drakengard 2 also uses that version of the engine. Drakengard 2 uses SGA1, and GTA5 next-gen uses SGA2, which adds light tracing technology, but mainly for lighting and shadows. The PS5 version of GTA5 disables Lightchaser ambient light masking, probably because it causes serious performance problems.

From this, it appears that R-Star is looking to raise the industry standard once again. In addition to having massive maps, new game features and multiple playable character storylines, RStar also seems eager to set new standards in graphics. GTA6 may feature higher levels of light tracing, more HD realistic textures, more prominent shadows, and other innovative changes.

Previously Tez2 also claimed that RStar had planned the first wave of DLC for GTA6, including new cities and missions. New cities will appear in the form of islands or "instantiated new cities", the introduction of new heists, etc..

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