PSN upgrade refund will be additional compensation of $HK80 players: to the account only 80 cents

As we previously reported, upgrading to the new PS Plus will make up for the previously discounted price, which has caused a lot of anger among gamers. On April 26, PlayStation officials said the issue was a "technical error" that has now been fixed and affected players will receive a refund.

Today a number of members have received an official apology email from PSN, which states that the overcharged amount has been returned to the player's account and an additional HK$80 will be paid as compensation. Many players said the refund has been transferred to the account wallet balance.

However, according to many users feedback, did not receive this 80 Hong Kong dollars compensation, query account PSN transaction details, you can see a record of 0.8 Hong Kong dollars, netizens spit: "Sony is closed eyes by 0?" It is not clear whether the Sony side of the operation error, or 0.8 Hong Kong dollars for other payments, 80 Hong Kong dollars compensation has not been issued. We will also continue to pay attention.

Author: King
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