“POSTAL 2” is now free on the GOG Store

Today, the GOG platform opened a new hi plus one activities, Running With Scissors production of the first-person shooter "POSTAL 2" game has opened a limited time free to receive activities, interested players can go to the GOG platform to receive, do not miss oh.

About "POSTAL 2"

POSTAL 2 is a first-person shooter, a series known for its level of violence and gore, and today officially launches the latest "Streets of Blood 4". And if you have doubts about the new game, you can experience the classic 2nd generation for free on the GOG platform, which will be available for a limited time until April 23rd at 6pm.

In the game, players will have to live as a "letter carrier" for a week in the game, doing the daily chores that the unlucky guy does. You'll be able to buy milk, return overdue books, and get Gali Gowan's autograph... everything will be fine, right?

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