PC / Mobile dual platform! Mihayou’s new games “Zenless Zone Zero” first test

This morning at 10:00 a.m., Mihayou's new games "Zenless Zone Zero" official release announced that the first small-scale deletion closed beta test "tuning test" officially opened.

The test for support PC and iOS dual-platform users, Android platform because of the adaptation problem reluctantly absent, will be added in the follow-up test, the official launch will also support the three platforms.

According to the official introduction, the first test users can freely choose any PC and iOS platform, the qualification will be bound with the first login device of each platform.

In other words, a single Mihayou pass can only be logged into one PC device and one iOS device, if you change the same platform midway through the login will trigger automatic banning.

Given the possibility of account sharing/trading, such bans will not be unblocked during this test.

Specific configuration requirements, iOS users recommended iPhone 11 / iOS 10.0 and subsequent models, versions, PC users are recommended at least Intel i5 / GTX 970 / 8GB memory / 10GB storage space.

It is understood that the "Zenless Zone Zero" game as a whole for the overhead background, about the world is attacked by a mysterious disaster "hollow", the player plays a special professional who can save people from the "hollow" disaster - - rope maker, together with people from all walks of life. -Rope maker, together with agents from all walks of life to resist the invasion of the hole, to maintain the peace of the city story.

"Zenless Zone Zero" is a 3D role-playing action game with a main plot and side plots.


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