“Overwatch2” international server shutdown overhaul has now resumed

Today (Oct. 7) Blizzard announced on the official Overwatch2 Twitter account that it plans to shut down the Overwatch2: Homecoming servers to make some major fixes. These fixes have now been completed from 6am to 7am and 9am to 12pm respectively this morning. After the update is complete, international players will need to update their game clients.

overwatch2 international service shutdown overhaul has now resumed

Since the official release of "Watchmen: The Return", the international service has been difficult, mostly for European and American players who have encountered problems such as long queues and server connection errors. Previously the president of Blizzard also personally said that the servers of "Watchmen: The Return" had suffered a DDoS attack.

The following are the issues that were fixed by today's shutdown:

  • Fixed bugs related to account merging, login, and first-time user experience
  • Major database upgrade to address long player queues.

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