Overwatch 2″ beta screen leaks “soldier 76” new appearance

The Alpha closed test of Overwatch 2 has officially begun, and the people who can participate are limited to Blizzard employees and related partners, while ordinary players can only wait for the Beta test in late April. The official Facebook account of the "Watchmen" league has accidentally leaked a screenshot of the "Overwatch 2" game, allowing players to get a glimpse of the new image of the hero "Soldier 76".

The official Facebook post that leaked the image, which has now been removed, features a player named "McGravy", who is currently one of the assistant coaches for the Overwatch league team "Florida Rumble", which further strengthens the image's credibility.

According to the leaked image, first of all, we can see "McGravy's" choice of hero "Soldier 76", the image of the hero is very different from the current in-game, his mask only covers the eyes, with a thick white beard, looks older and more gruff.

Secondly, the new hero "Sojourner" and the old hero "Lucio" have a new image on the hero selection screen, and the current output hero "Iron Fist of Doom" makes its debut as a tank hero, after Officials had announced that the hero will be redone. Finally, there is the map in the background: Elyos Deep Well. Unlike the current Overwatch, the Elyos Deep Well map of Overwatch 2 is lit in the afternoon timeline.

As interesting as this leaked image is, its doesn't provide much specific information about the game, and with the arrival of the Overwatch 2 Beta test in late April, we'll learn more then.

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