“Neverwinter – Free Pack” is now free on the Epic Games Store

Today I bring you the latest hi plus one game information: action class large online RPG game "Neverwinter" recently in the Epic Mall to send out benefits, free gift package "Calamity of Undeath" one into the library. The content is the latest expansion content package of "Neverwinter", including 25 companion upgrade tokens, 25 treasure chest rethrow tokens, "Calamity of Undeath" title, 1 health stone, 5 life scrolls.

About "Neverwinter"

Neverwinter is an action-packed massively online RPG based on DND that originally launched in 2013 and can be played for free. It should be noted that Bioware and Obsidian have also developed an RPG called Neverwinter Nights, but it is not directly related to Neverwinter, but simply uses the same set of DND rules settings.

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