“Minecraft” launched “Rivercraft” to help students understand the knowledge of flood control

Minecraft recently launched Rivercraft, a new game for teaching about hydrology, a project designed to teach kids about the negative effects of flooding and climate change. It is also part of a three-way partnership between Minecraft, the UK Environment Agency and youth engagement organization BlockBuilders.

Rivercraft consists of three sections, namely Managing Flooding, Flood Prevention, and Our Local Environment. In Flood Management, players will build their own version of levees, flood storage areas and flood gates. They will then fill the area with water to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each method and its applicability in the local community; in Flood Prevention, players can explore how individual actions can mitigate climate change and learn how to reduce flood risk damage to people and property; and in Our Local Environment, players can conduct ecological surveys using digital workbooks and in-game cameras. They must discover and document wildlife species, including water voles and otters.

Justin Edwards, director of the Minecraft Learning Program, said the program helps kids learn about flooding, understand the role of local flood control agencies and facilities, and gain a greater understanding of the communities in which they live. Rivercraft teaches children environmental skills, flood mechanics and flood protection, as well as project management, teamwork, engineering concepts and how to communicate with others around the world.

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