Manual master magic change PS5! Incredibly thin: water cooling temperature drops dramatically

This generation of SONY PS5, in terms of size, is the biggest game console ever, measuring 390 x 260 x 104mm. Some TV ark is reserved height is not enough word, horizontal also does not fill even go in.

Now, Matt Perks has revealed a slimmer version of the PS5 Slim, which even comes with an enhanced water cooling feature.

The prototype was a digital version, also 92mm thick, which was eventually flattened to just 20mm thick. By contrast, a DVD player is no more than 15mm thick.

The first attempt failed, the PS5 crashed and was considered a scrap, but Matt's second attempt succeeded. Maybe that's the price of science.

In fact, of the removed motherboard, flash memory, power circuit, VRM and other components, the motherboard is basically the only one used. The replacement power is HP DP5-750RBA (750W, 12V output 62.5a), which can fully support the water cooling circuit.

Matt also customized the interior aluminum wing frame, and the shell is expensive pure copper.

The final product runs at a CPU temperature of 46C, video memory of 52C and VRM of 44C, much cooler than SONY's PS5.

Author: King
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