“Mages of Mystralia” is now free on the Epic Games Store

Today (December 28) is the sixth day of the event, the official announced at 0:00 on time the free game of the day: "Mages of Mystralia", an action-adventure game from developer and publisher Borealys Games. Players need to log into the Epic Mall before 11:59 on December 29, the game a click into the library, later than this point in time will only be able to receive the mystery game tomorrow.

About "Mages of Mystralia"

To succeed in the Kingdom of Mysteries, your mind is more important than your fists. You will encounter powerful behemoths and unpredictable terrain, and you will also have to face puzzles that even the wisest of sages would be at a loss to solve. In addition to this, you must conquer the obstacles set up for you by those who do not have good intentions. Your journey is destined to be full of thorns. In "Mages of Mystralia", players will take on the role of Zia, a girl who was born with magical abilities; however, since her magical abilities have been sealed, Zia will train herself in order to regain control of her magic. In her adventures, Zia will meet other exiled mages and find a variety of different magical runes, then discover that by combining them at will, she can create entirely different new magic. The game's script was written by best-selling author Ed Greenwood. He created the Forgotten Realms - that is, the campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy world, which is also used by such game masterpieces as "Bode's Gate" and "Winter's Night" as well as 170 fantasy novels.

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