“KARDS – US Starter Pack” is now free on the Steam Store

Today I bring you the latest hi plus one game information: World War II card game "KARDS" new DLC "U.S. Starter Pack" recently online, the official synchronization opened a limited time to get free activities, can be in the library before January 22.

About "KARDS - US Starter Pack"

KARDS, the World War II-themed card game, combines collectible card games with realistic battlefield strategies and innovative mechanics generated by traditional strategy games. The card collection can be built by earning all cards through regular play, daily missions and an achievement system.

One needs to choose from one of the five main camps in World War II to build their deck and play against other players. Each deck can add an ally, from which you can get support and thus gain a strategic advantage. Players can build their own deck consisting of units and support orders based on their winning strategy.

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