GTA5 Enhanced Edition” will land on PC: support light chase, image quality greatly improved

GTA5: Enhanced Edition" has been released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platform, on the one hand, the image quality is improved (increased support for ray tracing, improved anti-aliasing, shadow textures, etc.), on the other hand, also for "GTA: Online" added additional content, such as GTA Online + subscription.

However, it seems that the enhanced version has the same chance of landing on PC.

A few days ago, ESRB redid the rating of "GTA5", showing that the release platform of this work includes PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

OC3D broke the news that the PC Enhanced Edition version of "GTA 5" will switch to DX12 and Vulkan API, thus ensuring fuller performance of the new CPU and graphics card.

Although the news of "GTA 6" has been repeatedly rumored, but so far there is no clear official announcement, the release time is delayed again and again, no accurate letter.

In this gap, it seems that RStar still intends to tap the "GTA5" gold-sucking potential, after all, this work is too successful ......

Author: King
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